Our final video


I learned in the making of the digital commonwealth film making how to make a film using pictures and filming each other I didn’t know how to do that before. I found it quite hard because i kept getting mixed up all the time with the slides but EVENTUALY I got their (with a bit of help).

I also learned how to make a blog a bit by writing a post and doing a bit of work to try and get the post to get up and then uploading a video about Easdale. I liked writing the post and updating the news I hope it gets more views!!!! .

My favourite bit about all of it was when we made the films  because it was fun making it with all my friends and then adding pictures and  putting it into the right order and then  EVENTUALY we put it on YouTube after LOADS AND LOADS of looking in documents and muddle with the computer freezing.

And last and certainly not least I learned about peoples culture and where they came from by finding out there is polish people, American, French Irish , English Chinese, and lots lots more. I didn’t know that  it was all connected up to the Glasgow commonwealth games.


Jack from P7

I learned that all the country’s in the commonwealth used to be a part of the British empire

I learned that you can make voice-overs using movie plus

I learned that there are 17 feeder schools to Oban High School

Bridge over the Atlantic


we are delighted to inform that we have finished the video about Easdale, we have uploaded the first video to youtube on the oban high school page on youtube.. we are still working on  the other videos and we may put them up hope you enjoy the videos keep you updated soon .  niamh